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Language Instructors

Jennifer Huang

Chinese Mandarin Instructor

Chinese Language Lessons 中国語のレッスン

Jennifer is from Taiwan. She started to learn piano at the age of 5 and violin at age of 12 and qualified for the Taiwanese Music school for the Gifted and Talented. She studied in Singapore for high school and completed her bachelor’s degree of comparative cultures in Sophia University in Tokyo.

She is extremely flexible and can respond to the needs and abilities of her students. She can also create language lessons and lesson plans for kids and businesses without any problems. 

She can also help students who are planning to study abroad or business people who are planning to move overseas to prepare for the language

Fluent in Taiwanese, Chinese mandarin, English and Japanese.


French Instructor

French Lessons . フランス語レッスン

Anis is a dynamic and experienced French teacher with Moroccan roots, who is passionate about exploring different cultures. Having grown up in France, he had the chance to travel to Australia for two years, which deepened his appreciation for cultural diversity. Now based in Japan, Anis is excited to immerse himself in Japanese culture and language.

With over 7 years of experience in teaching French and English, Anis is committed to providing personalized lessons that cater to the specific needs and goals of each of his students. He is fluent in French, English, Arabic, and Spanish, which enables him to communicate effectively with a wide range of students. He specializes in developing customized education plans for children, business professionals, and students looking to study abroad or relocate overseas.

Anis is passionate about expanding his students' knowledge and understanding of language and culture. He is also eager to share his own knowledge of Japanese culture with his students. Anis prefers to conduct his lessons over Zoom, ensuring his students receive the highest quality of instruction from the comfort of their own homes. He looks forward to the opportunity to assist you on your learning journey.

Paulina Nurmela

English Instructor

paulina slsjapan 語学講師 ,英語レッスン

Paulina is from Sweden. She graduated from Luleå Institute of Technology Sweden with a bachelor's degree in media and technology. Currently she lives in Tokyo and has been studying at a Japanese business college for four years. The desire to help children stems from the work she has been involved in, such as babysitters, camping counselors, and horseback riding. She loves horse riding and taught horse riding to children aged 8 to 15 at a Swedish horse riding club. She enjoys the whole process of seeing, teaching and helping children. She speaks three languages fluently: Swedish, English and Japanese. Besides, she can also speak basic French and Finnish.

Marion Paillery

French Instructor

Marion slsjapan 語学講師, 英語,フランス語,スペイン語

Marion is a French  living in Japan A serious, passionate and fun teacher. She teaches English and French in Tokyo. She customizes lessons to suit each student's strengths, needs, skills, interests, etc., and helps them achieve their goals.
She also holds a bachelor's degree in French art history and archeology (
Aix-en-Provence University of Provence) and loves Japanese history, culture and pop culture.

She speaks four languages, French, English, Spanish and Japanese, and currently studying Italian. With excellent communication skills, she can understand each student's learning process and improve their language skills.


Andrés  Spléndido

Spanish Instructor

Andres - Spanish teacher - sLs Japan

Andrés is Argentine native, from the city of Buenos Aires. Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language,
certified by the
University of Salamanca. Passionate about River Plate music, especially Buenos
Aires tango. “Spanish is a language that expresses feelings and cultures that are different and at
the same time related. I invite you to learn this wonderful language so that you can travel, talk,
read, see and listen. Let’s go!”

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