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Online Lessons

How do we teach?


Our classes here at sLs Japan Languages are designed to help you build your confidence in speaking foreign languages and are a good way to increase your vocabulary. Every class is structured to ensure that you benefit by talking about 2 or 3 interesting topics.


Our special pronunciation technique help you speak fluently and with confidence. We cover every social speaking situation. From personal to business, from work related topics to love topics when travelling or at home. Our system will help you get an improved and clear English, Spanish, French and Chinese accent.

Personal, Effective and Convenient


Personal - Each class is personal to you. The teacher will adapt your class to your priorities, needs and desires. 


Effective - Our target for every lesson is to encourage students to speak for at least 75% of the class time.


Convenient - Our class times are varied from morning until evening 7 days each week to suit your availability.


Preparation of Skype and connection testing should be carried out and completed before the lesson.

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