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Teach your kids how to read with the best phonics program! sLs Japan Languages in Tokyo & Yokohama

Updated: May 19, 2022

sLs Japan Languages ​​teaches children using the Kids Phonics program.

sLs Japan Languages ​​uses the Kids Phonics curriculum and phonics activities to provide the joy of learning how to read. Phonics is a method of teaching children how to read by combining letters to create sounds. Therefore, preschoolers usually start by recognizing a printout of the 26 letters of the alphabet. With a synthetic phonics approach, children blend sounds to read complete words. Teaching children how to read is not just the job of a classroom teacher. Whether you speak English as your mother tongue or not, by following our guidelines and phonics activities, parents can guide their children from scratch. It will be a great pleasure for parents to watch the steps as their child becomes able to read unfamiliar words by combining letters and sounds.

Join our programs today and make full use of the most effective activities designed to teach your child to read through phonics. we will give you * FREE access to the program

* One student has one free access account . The account is accessible online. Login ID and password will be provided after the student has enrolled in our English lessons for Kids . The free account will be terminated if a student decides to stop the English course. #phonics #slsjapan #slslanguages #englishlessons #フォニックス #子供のための英語レッスン #英語フォニックス #東京でのフォニックスレッスン #横浜でのフォニックスレッスン #earlylearning #英語プライベートレッスン #英語オンラインレッスン #英語対面レッスン


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